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No setup. No employee training. No apps to install.

We offer the only self-learning time tracking solution on the market.

The instant your account is created, we'll text you a toll-free call in number that your employees can call to clock in and out from any phone.

Starting with the first call received, the system will learn your employees and the job sites they work at. It will also track their time worked and report it to you automatically. You don't have to configure anything, install anything, or even log in once.

For those who want to use advanced capabilities, like call-out reminders for late employees, or integration with QuickBooks, we provide a simple web portal to customize the system and fully take advantage of its power.

Please take a look at the feature highlights below, to fully appreciate what makes our service so popular with our customers.

Zero Setup / Self Learning

Our service was designed to be self-learning so our customers don't have to spend any time setting it up. We use multiple technologies like Caller ID, text messaging, and cell phone GPS, to discover your employees and the job sites they work at. This allows the system to learn names, addresses, GPS coordinates, phone numbers and more. You truly do not need to do anything beyond creating your account.

No Employee Training

If your employees can place a phone call, and reply to a text message, they are ready to use the system now. They won't need to remember job codes, or employee IDs. Our goal is to check them in with as little interaction as possible. This means you don't have to train your employees. You only need to tell them the phone number to call. (We'll provide you with a toll-free call in number the moment you create an account.)

Custom Reporting

The system has many built-in reports that can be generated for any time period (weekly, daily, monthly, etc.) These reports include payroll reports, tardy guard reports, daily activity reports, and incident reports. These reports can be used to provide visibility that will allow you to improve your operations. They can also be used to keep your customers informed. For example, if one of your security guards files an incident report, you can share it with your client, including audio and photos.

30 Day Free Trial

No Credit Card Required

Notification System

Telephone Timesheets includes an advanced notification system. This system can be configured to notify both employees and supervisors for late check-ins/check-outs, early check-ins/check-outs, no-shows, GPS sharing issues, missed checkpoints, and more. The specific notification settings can be tailored to a specific job site, or group of job sites. You will not find a more robust notification system.

QuickBooks Integration

Telephone Timesheets supports integration with either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, making setup and payroll fast and simple. QuickBooks integration also enables you to import and synchronize your employees, customers, and service items. You will never have to manually enter timesheet data in order to run payroll. Telephone Timesheets exports this data to QuickBooks with a mouse-click.

Cloud Based Solution

You can sleep at night knowing your data is secure, and your employees will always be able to check in and out. We have built our system in Amazon Web Services, the #1 cloud services platform in the world. It was designed to operate across two fully redundant, state of the art Amazon data centers so that it will keep working, even in the event of a catastrophic equipment failure.